Big Hit denies the controversial Vietnamese speech in BTS member SUGA’s new song ‘What do you think?’

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

The accusations were raised that BTS member SUGA’s mixtape ‘What Do You Think?’ contained Vietnamese war criminal’s speech. The agency’s Big Hit Entertainment denied most accusations against SUGA Recently, a Vietnamese internet media sparked rumors that Vietnamese was included in SUGA’s new solo mixtape “D-2,” which was released last month. In this regard, netizens sparked even more rumors that the track also contained a speech sample of a controversial Vietnamese president in ‘What Do You Think?’. In response to the ongoing rumors, Big Hit Entertainment firmly stated its official position, “These rumors are not true,” on the Maeil Business Star Today on June 5. Previously, ‘What Do You Think?’ stirred up controversy for sampling speeches by a controversial cult leader, Jim Jones. Big Hit apologized to fans for the usage of this speech sample. In spite of the company’s explanation, the eyes of suspicion have not disappeared among some netizens.

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