INFINITE’s Sung-kyu & L to hold special live broadcast for 10th Anniversary

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Dagyeom]

Members of the group INFINITE Sung-kyu and L give a special greeting to ‘Inspirites’ on the 10th anniversary of their debut.

INFINITE’s Sung-kyu and L will have a time to communicate with fans with ‘Eating Show’ content through Naver VLIVE ‘VCOOKIE’ channel on the 9th.

INFINITE’s Sung-kyu and L show their eating appetite that stimulates their appetite through ‘Eating Show’ and communicate with fans in real time. In addition, Sung-kyu and L will show their excitement through the broadcast after a long time, and exude their perfect teamwork, and show how the long blank hiatus.

On this day, INFINITE celebrates the 10th anniversary of its debut and continues special communication with long-awaited fans. In particular, the leader Sung-kyu is the first group broadcast since the entire military, and L is also the official stone statue of INFINITE after the transfer of the new agency.

The two INFINITE members are expecting that it will be fun time in light of the group’s upcoming 10th anniversary since debut through the broadcast.

‘Eating Show’ is a type of content that faces and communicates with stars while having a meal together. Live in communication with fans in real time, and it is receiving a lot of attention as a lively eating and eating restaurant.

The two INFINITE members Sung-kyu and L will be greeting fans at ‘Eating Together’ on the 9th at 8pm on the Naver VLIVE ‘VCOOKIE’ channel.

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