Cosmic Girls invited to ‘Neverland’

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The group Cosmic Girls foretells evolution with a new song “Butterfly”.

Cosmic Girls (SeolA, EXY, Bona, Cheng Xiao, Luda, Yeoreum, Suan Yi, Dayoung, Eunseo, Yeong-jung, Soobin) opened a showcase to commemorate the release of the new mini album ‘Neverland’ through a YouTube channel at 4 pm on the 9th and released a new song stage.

Eunseo introduces the new album ‘Neverland’ as an album containing the dream and real world, and fairy tale that unfolds in the Tinkerbell’s point of view left in Neverland after Peter Pan left. I’, trying to tell a fairy tale for adults. ”

Then EXY said, “I made a comeback in 7 months and I was so nervous.

I don’t know if the fans will like this concept because it was something new that Cosmic Girls haven’t been doing so, I’ll try to work hard.”

The title song “Butterfly” is a song that compares the heart of a girl who dreams of freedom to the wings of a butterfly. It is a story about a girl who becomes an adult looking for herself as she is in the swaying self.

“I think this song is a song that can be enjoyed by both men and women of all ages,” said EXY about the charm of “Butterfly.” This title is the song that everyone can enjoy.”

In this album, you can also glimpse the musical capabilities of Cosmic Girls members who have grown further. The rapper EXY recorded her own song ‘Tra-la’ along with all her rap making, and SeolA wrote the song ‘Our Garden’.

EXY explained “I am honored to be able to participate in all of our albums. It is written not with the idea of ​​filling an empty space, but with the idea of ​​overlaying the color of an existing space girl. I have a lot of worries, but working on an album always seems to be fun.”

SeolA said, “I’ve been saying ‘I’m writing a song’, but it took me a long time to show it. “It was a great song that all the members could sing together, so I prepared hard.” The goal was to make a fan song that is not like a fan song, but I am glad that it seemed to come out well. I hope the fans will like it.”

Lastly, the members of Cosmic Girls have been preparing for a comeback with trembling and excitement after 7 months since “As You Wish”. I hope you will see our musical spectrum broadening through songs with a different feel than before. Please, look forward to seeing what fairy tale we will draw in the future.”

Meanwhile, Cosmic Girls’ new mini-album “Neverland” will be released through various online music sites at 6:00 pm on the day.

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