N.Flying’s upcoming album ‘So, 通’, inspired by the era of soulless communications

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

The band N.Flying is back with a new album titled ‘So, 通 (Communication)’.

On the afternoon of the 10th, N-flying held an online showcase commemorating the release of the seventh mini-album ‘So, 通’.

Regarding the album name ‘Communication’, member Hoon introduced “The communication has increased with social media these days, but there seems to be a lot of communication without souls. This album contains various communications.

And, with the N.Flying’s music I hope that many people could communicate, so I decided to combine the English word ‘So’ and the Chinese letter ‘通’ meaning ‘Communication’ as the album title.”

The title song ‘Oh really.’ is a song that stands out for its cool flux sound and marimba. It has a desire to share its true heart rather than formal communication.

Seunghyup said, “‘Oh really.’ is something that we say often in our everyday lives. We say it without thinking much about it, but when we hear it, we can feel lonely even when we’re talking to other people. That’s where our message comes in. We want people to look back at themselves saying ‘Oh really’ every time they do so after listening to this song.

This activity is meaningful in that it is the first activity since the official participation of bassist Seo Dong-sung. N.Flying has released its seventh mini-album “So, 通” at 6 pm on this day, and is ready for full-scale activity.


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