BLACKPINK launched Reality Show… “Every moments with BLINKs together”

[Maeil Business Star Today Yang So-young]

BLACKPINK is back with a new solo reality show in surprise.

YG Entertainment released the new reality show titled ’24/365 with BLACKPINK’ on the official blog and BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel at 10 am on the 13th.

BLACKPINK gathered in one place and introduced the show that contains colorful daily lives and things that four members have been up to, “We prepared to share every moment with BLINKs, wanted to communicate more closely with fans.

Members greeted the fans and radiated their charms. Jisoo started nicely saluting with one hand. Jennie seemed embarrassed at the request of the members to show her cuteness, but she quickly took a cute motion and made a smile. Lisa, who played an active role as ‘Tiger Mentor’ at the Chinese audition program ‘Youth With You 2’, said with a charismatic expression, “Hello, BLINKs” and gave a laugh.

There was also a surprise spoiler related to the upcoming June comeback. The members threw a hint at the pre-released title song, which was about to be released on the 26th, and aroused the curiosity. Rose said, “It feels like a cat.” Jennie said, “I think it was like King Kong.” Jisoo pointed out, “If we’ve been doing strong music so far, this song will focus more on a hip-hop aura with swag.”

Sharing excitement for their new reality show, the members talked about what they hope to share with their fans. Rose said she’d like to show fans their album recording process because it could show a new side of them, while Jennie said she’s like to film a proper vlog that shows fans what their day-to-day life is like.

In the meantime, a video of the new look and charm of BLACKPINK, which could not be seen on the broadcast, has been released. From the natural everyday life of BLACKPINK to the sincere story of the members’ sincere friendship, it captured the reality outside the stage. In addition, the reality show predicted various highlights as artists BLACKPINK, who is keen on preparing albums such as practicing choreography, guitar performance, and recording studio scene.

Lastly, BLACKPINK came up with potential names for the reality show that they had fans vote on, and it was decided that it would be called ’24/365 with BLACKPINK’

BLACKPINK will make a comeback with the pre-released title song on June 26. In July and August, the group is scheduled to release the first regular album in September.

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