Stray Kids’ comeback showcase on June 17… First release of ‘God’s Menu’

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

The group Stray Kids will unveil the new song ‘God’s Menu’ in the comeback showcase for the first time.

Stray Kids will release their first regular album ‘GO 生(Go Live)’ including its title song ‘God’s Menu’ at 6 pm on the 17th.

On the day of release, the comeback showcase `Stray Kids’ ONLINE UNVEIL: GO生’ will be held at 9 PM. It will be broadcast live online through Naver V LIVE and YouTube.

During the teasing period, Stray Kids, who poured out abundant contents such as trailer films, worldview videos, and pre-release of tracklist, was also devoted to preparing for this showcase. In addition to the unique and experimental title song ‘God’s Menu’, members are going to perform a variety of stages and talk about their first regular album.

‘God’s Menu’ is a song that expresses both the meaning of the new menu and the meaning of God’s menu. It characterized by strong addictiveness.

The title track, produced and composed by 3RACHA, the team’s producing group, contains a message of confidence that it will match the tastes and favorites of all listeners.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids has pre-released its own songs recorded in the new album ahead of the official release of their first album, ‘GO Live’.

Total of five tracks have been pre-released including the title ‘GO 生’, ‘Easy’ on track 3, ‘TOP (“Tower of God” OP’) on track 11, ‘Ta’ on track 9, and ‘Blueprint’ on track 8 to show off the outstanding musicality.

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