Mamamoo’s Hwasa confirms comeback on the 29th

[Maeil Business Star Today Lee Da-gyeom]

Mamamoo’s Hwasa is back as a solo singer on June 29.

Her agency RBW announced, “Hwasa is releasing a solo album Maria’ on the 29th. As it is the first mini-album released by the artist in six years since her debut, it has captured the six new songs that have been completed after a long time with their own colors.”

Hwasa will have returned as a soloist in a year and four months after the single ‘twit’ was announced in February last year.

As it swept the music charts at home and abroad with her solo debut song ‘twit’, it is expected that Hwasa will heat up the music scene in 2020 with her first mini album ‘Maria’.

Along with this, Hwasa introduced the jacket image of her first mini-album ‘Maria’ through her official SNS. In the public picture, the singer catches the eye with the glaring eyes and the alluring atmosphere. In particular, the snake around her neck showed a strong yet elegant charm of femme fatale, raising expectations.

Hwasa is a versatile vocalist who can do not only songs but also raps. In addition, she has demonstrated her unique charm with her own performances, including excellent dance skills and various year-end awards stages.

In addition, MBC entertainment programs such as ‘I live alone’ shed natural and friendly charms, and proved a hot topic on the live search keyword on portal sites for every outstanding performance and broadcast.

As such, Hwasa who has established herself as a unique solo artist with both popularity and topic, attention is drawn to what her first mini album ‘Maria’ will look like.

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