Sunmi to comeback with ‘pporappippam’ on June 29

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Singer Sunmi will make a comeback on the 29th with the new song ‘pporappippam’.

Sunmi announced the comeback date on the 17th through the official Instagram at midnight, posting the word “pporappippam”.

Fans’ expectations are rising as Sunmi’s comeback date is released through official SNS. This is a comeback about 10 months after the last album’LALALY’.

In the photo, Sunmi is wearing a leopard-shaped off-the-shoulder dress and staring at the camera. She drew attention with her purple lighting, dreamy atmosphere, and more ripened seductive beauty.

In particular, the upcoming song ‘pporappippam’ is even more popular because it is known that Sunmi is directly responsible for the lyrics. In addition, the composition was co-written with composer FRANTS, who showed fantastic teamwork in previous songs such as ‘Siren’ and ‘LALALY’.

A lot of people are attracting attention as to what music and performance Sunmi will show through this comeback.

Meanwhile, Sunmi will make a comeback with the new song ‘pporappippam’ at 6pm on June 29.

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