[MK Issues] Seventeen Today (22th)’Heng-ga-rae’ comeback… Can the boy band break a record?

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

The group Seventeen returns after releasing the 7th mini album ‘Henggarae’ in 9 months.

Seventeen announces Mini 7’s ‘Henggarae’ through the online music site on the 22nd at 6pm. It is a comeback with a new album in about 9 months after the 3rd regular album ‘An Ode’ announced in September last year.

‘Henggarae’ is an album that conveys the message of cheer to the young people who are challenging their dreams with a great energy to fight against the emotions of ‘fear’ that they faced in the 3rd regular album ‘An Ode’ and move on to the new world with a dream.

The title song ‘Left & Right’ is a song that was reborn with the sound of 2020 by devising the hip-hop genre of the 2000s. This is a special support from Seventeen, who gives powerful energy by positively shouting “Let’s go forward without fear” to young people who feel there is no exit anywhere on the left or right.

Member WOOZI participated in songwriting and composing, and Vernon also raised his name on songwriting, making the new album more perfect.

In the album, there are a total of six tracks in a variety of genres, from the title song ‘Left & Right’, to ‘Fearless’, ‘I’ll be good’, ‘Adult’, ‘Let’s go together’ and ‘My My’, which was unveiled through a music video, ahead of the release of this new album.

Prior to this comeback, Seventeen became an artist of ‘Big Hit Entertainment’ in a broad sense when its agency, Pledis Entertainment, merged with Big Hit Entertainment. Those who have already solidified their domestic and foreign fandoms have re-established a new leap forward six years after their debut due to issues about their entertainment company.

The 7th mini album ‘Henggarae’ broke through the pre-order amount of 1.06 million sheets, foretelling the first million sellers since their debut, and expecting another record-breaking record. It is noteworthy that Seventeen, who has captured the hearts of the public as well as the fandom with the power of music, will set a record in history through ‘Henggarae’.


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