‘Radio Show’ Paeng Hyun-suk “the 66 years old comeidan, emotionally hurt by malicious comments”

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jeong Intern Reporter]

Paeng Hyun-suk, who appeared in the ‘Radio Show’, expressed her upset caused by online trolls.

Comedian Choi Yang-rak and Paeng Hyun-suk appeared in the corner of KBS Cool FM ‘Park Myung-Soo’s Radio Show’ that was aired on the 22nd, having interesting conversations.

On this day, Choi Yang-rak and Paeng Hyun-suk talked about their new nicknames, such as ‘Rich Man’ and ‘Queen of investment’, which were given after appearing on the JTBC entertainment program “I Can’t Be No. 1”.

“We didn’t received much money after appearing on a TV show,” Choi Yang-rak said. “Compared to nowadays, we used to earn just one tenth after filming an advertisement. We really had no benefit.”

Paeng Hyun-suk also said, “It’s not an investment technique, I just saved money to live without financially struggling or resorting on our children, paying for the drink of my husband. But, many are leaving malicious comments. I read all comments about me. I’m 66-year-old. I hope many people to be careful to leave a comment on the internet. I was upset,” he said.

In addition, Choi Yang-rak calmed down the controversy that he made a lot of wealth by saying that “I’ve run various restaurants for 32 years, starting with Sundae Gukbap restaurants. But, my business failed for many times,” he said

Meanwhile, Choi Yang-rak and Paeng Hyun-suk appear in the JTBC entertainment program “I Can’t Be No. 1,” and bring out the real laughter unique to the comedian couple.


Photo| JTBC broadcast screen capture
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