VICTON, for fans in July… Ontact Live ‘Mayday’ will be launched

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

The group VICTON announced a special communication with global fans through Ontact live performance.

The agency, Play M Entertainment, announced the image containing the title and schedule of the performance on the 22nd, saying, “VICTON decided to hold the Ontact live ‘Mayday’ on July 12th at 5pm.”

Shortly after successfully ending the 2nd single ‘Mayday’ activity in early June, with a great support of fans, VICTON quickly announced the news of Ontact live performance and predicted to actively communicate with global fans online.

VICTON’s Ontact live performance ‘Mayday’ will be broadcast live to fans around the world in real time for about 2 hours through Naver V Live. From the VICTON’s perfect performances to the ‘special stage’, this performance, which will be enriched with various events, is expected to bring more special memories to fans.

The purchase of paid tickets for VICTON’s Ontact live performance ‘Mayday’ will begin on the 29th, and details will be announced through VICTON’s official social media and online fan forums. After purchasing a pass, you can watch live broadcasts and replay VOD.

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