“Were you a monk?” ‘Come Drive In’ Jinsung’s hidden past revealed

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

MC Lee Soo-geun and Boom are surprised at the participants who visited drive-through karaoke.

In the 4th episode of the MBN entertainment program ‘Come Drive In’ (hereinafter’Druwa’/Director Nam-hyun), which will be broadcast on the 22nd, Jinsung, the Trot singer version of BTS, will be a daily manager, heating up the outdoor studio with colorful stories and songs.

‘Come Drive In’, that changed the time to Monday night, has been greatly loved by removing viewer’s stress and became a TV show to distress many viewers with great humors. On this day, some people, who will startle everyone on the air, will appear one after another and plan to smooth the viewer’s time.

Maximus, famous for ‘Lee Min-ho’s White Horse’, appeared last week, surprising the scene, and this week, a special star will cathc everyone’s eyes have been boosted.

On this day, after singers Lim Joo-ri and comedian Kim Chul-min appeared on a TV show for a long time, a variety of participants appeared: from a monk who sings a pop song to a courier singer who released 7 albums, and a university professor who discovered talent while singing in front of students. It is said that many participants drew MCs’ attentions.

Particularly, a monk participant asked Jinsung, “Were you a monk?”, and many focused on Jinsung’s hidden past. One participant said to Lee Soo-geun, “You can’t remember me?” It adds to the curiosity of whether it was unfolded.

Most of all, it is said that Jinsung, the manager of the day, smashed the stone fastball all over the place to devastate the scene, raising expectations for the manager’s performance to give a great laugh. ‘Come Drive In’, which has been giving special stories and impressions on every episodes, is infinitely excited about what kind of story will bring warm comfort and hope.

MBN ‘Come Drive In’, a new concept drive-through song show that will clean up viewers’ tiredness with energy full of laughter, will be aired at 11:00 pm on Monday, the 22nd.

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