Choi Dong-seok leaves the 9 o’clock news, due to health problems → doctor recommended him to take a rest” [Full text]

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Announcer-turned-broadcaster Park Ji-yoon’s husband and KBS announcer Choi Dong-seok told the reason for getting off at ‘9 o’clock news’.

“I went to the hospital last week and received a medical certificate. I had symptoms such as dizziness, self-hearing, and eye tremor due to problems in my ears,” Choi Dong-seok said on his Instagram on the 22nd. “I was recommended by the doctor, and I’m going to leave my sick leave and take a break,” added he.

Choi Dong-seok explained, “I thought it was right to take a rest because I couldn’t see the prompter because of trembling on my eyes. I could even felt dizziness while speaking, having difficulty in fully performing. So I decided to take a rest.”

In the meantime, Choi Dong-seok said, “I’m sorry to make you worry and I’ll take a break. Thank you to everyone who supported me.”

Park No-won will be Choi Dong-seok’s successor. At present, Park No-won, the anchor of ‘News 7’, is regarded as the right person for accurate and prompt information delivery.

Meanwhile, Choi Dong-seok announcer joined KBS 30th public bond announcer in 2004. Park Ji-yoon also joined the 30th public bond announcer and has been working as a broadcaster after becoming a freelancer in 2008. The two developed their romantic relationships and married during the KBS period, and they have two children.

<Choi Dong-seok’s Instagram post>

Have you started a lively week?

I went to the hospital last week and got a medical certificate.

I have symptoms such as dizziness, self-healing, and anesthesia (eye tremors) occurred in the ear.

I was advised by the doctor that it would be better to rest. So I will rest for the time being, and I would like to take a sick leave for a while.

Because I was unable to see the prompter because of the tremor, I had to memorize the manuscript a lot and I felt dizzy. And I couldn’t do my performance, so I decided to take a break.

So I will work for the 9 o’clock news until this week.

I’m sorry to worry about it, and I’ll take care of myself during the rest.

Thank you so much for your support.

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