‘Eye Contact’ Kim Kyung-jin’s fiance Jeon Soo-min confessed “You are my ideal man, except your appearance”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Comedian Kim Kyung-jin’s fiance and model Jeon Soo-min, who appeared in Channel A’s new concept of silent entertainment ‘Eye Contact’, said, “You are close to my ideal type, but except your appearance.”

In Channel A ‘Eye Contact’, which will be aired on the 22nd, model Jeon Soo-min applied for eye contact with his soon-to-be husband, Kim Kyung-jin In a pre-interview before the eye contact, she said, “I didn’t see him as my husband at first, and the image was more like a favor.” However, she confessed, “In the beginning, I held his hand first,” and surprised 3MC Kang Ho-dong, Lee Sang-min, Haha.

In addition, Jeon Soo-min said, “As my relationship with him was developed, I thought that he was more like an “ideal man” through a lot of conversations internally, rather than focusing on his appearance.”  However, Jeon Soo-min added that “Except for his appearance…”, making MCs laugh.

MC Lee Sang-min said, “Another angel appeared” and “Why am I like that angel?” and even Kang Ho-dong and Haha said, “Thank you so much,” and suddenly bowed to Jeon Soo-min and started bowing down. However, when asked why she applied for eye contact, Jeon Soo-min suddenly said, “There is something I want to say before marriage.”

When he received an eye contact request, Kim Kyung-Jin just happily smiled, saying “I wonder why I am here. Does she want to say something? Are you trying to propose to me?”

Jeon Soo-min, a model who has emerged as an ‘angel’ with a great affection for Kim Kyung-jin, and Kim Kyung-jin’s tight tension in the excitement ahead of marriage, will be unveiled at 9:50 Channel A ‘Eye Contact’ on Monday, 22nd.


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