Jang Seong-kyu proved ‘4.4kg weight loss’ in 10 days…”Perfect suit fit”

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Broadcaster Jang Seong-kyu announced that he successfully lost his weights

Jang Seong-kyu wrote on his Instagram on the 22nd, “The 10-day challenge finally ended. In fact, I kept my diet for only 7 days on the due to a busy schedule. Nevertheless, I lost 4.4kg, and the perfect suit fit was completed.” He posted several photos together.

The released photo contains a photo of Jang Seong-kyu’s weight scale, which was reduced from 92.1kg to 87.7kg. Jang Seong-kyu. The photo the public’s eyes by revealing his suit fit that was changed by weight loss.

Jang Seong-kyu announced on the 11th that he is trying to challenge his Instagram diet. Jang Seong-kyu said, “Wait a minute, summer. I will start to lose my weight again.”

The netizens who encountered his instagram responded with enthusiasm, saying, “Well, I’m going to buy diet food right now”, “I hope you can lose your weights. By the way, your physical looks great”, “I envy those who successfully lost their weights”.

Meanwhile, Jang Seong-kyu is running a Radio show ‘Good Morning FM Jang Seong-kyu’ radio, and other TV shows, including ‘Most Common Family’, ‘Road to Kingdom’, and ‘Voice Korea 2020’.


Photo| Jang Seong-kyu SNS

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