Koyotae reminds fans of the 90s with the new song ‘Hitda Hit’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Idagyeom]

The new song from the mixed group Koyotae, who returned to the music industry in 1 year and 4 months, is getting a hot response.

KOYOTAE released the retro dance trot ‘Hitda Hit’ through various sound source sites on the 20th at 6:00 PM.

‘Hitda Hit’ is a song with retro sound, reminiscent of the 80s roller field, and excite listeners with exciting drum beats and synth sounds.

This new song, which combines the cool vocals of Shinji, the vocals of wit Kim Jong-min, and Bbaek Ga’s sensational rap, repeats a phrase ‘Hitda Hit’, when you meet a love like destiny to express excitement, and once you listen to it, the melody is easy enough for anyone to follow, which is impressive.

In addition, with wit lyrics, such as ‘Hitda Hit Hitda Hit / Face Hit Hit Heart and Hit Feel Good’, ‘Hatda Heart Hitda Heart / Eyes and Heart Gesture and Heart You Are Mine’, makes song more interesting.

In particular, the retro and trot feelings were mixed and summoned memories of the 90s, and the listeners responded enthusiastically, such as “The song is exciting”, “Koyotae is perfect”, “This summer, Koyotae is going to hit the jackpot”, “I shake my body when listening Hitda Hit”.

While trot and retro booms through various broadcasting programs, Koyotae, who has a lot of hit songs, is going to heat up this summer with the dignity of the longest mixed group in Korea as ‘Hitda Hit’.

Meanwhile, KOYOTAE appears in various broadcast programs and continues new song activities.


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