Lee Juk released LYRICINEMA for ‘The Things We Took For Granted’… John Park participated

[Maeil Business Star Today Shin Young-eun]

Singer Lee Juk’s LYRICINEMA for ‘The Things We Took For Granted’ has become headline.

On the 21st, Lee Juk released LYRICINEMA along with his original song, ‘The Things We Took For Granted’. ‘The Things We Took For Granted’ video is expected to be a great help to listeners who have a hard time in the world through both languages in English and Korean.

In particular, singer John Park participated in the translation of the song in English.

John Park added impressions with Lee Juk’s lyrics in the English translation without losing the warmth and unique sensibility.

Decorated with retro-looking visual beauty, LYRICINEMA captures the ordinary life we ​​had before COVID-19 Pandemic. In a short video of a trip with friends, a family gathering on a special day, a wedding with a large number of guests, a crowded tourist destination, a concert arena with full of enthusiastic fans and more, it reminds us of the meaning of the lyric, “We realized how precious all the ordinary days we’ve lived are”.

Earlier, Lee Juk unveiled the song through his Instagram in April. In particular, at the ’56th Baeksang Arts Awards’ held at KINTEX on June 5, child actors Kim Kang-hoon, Kim Joon, Choi Yuri, Kim Gyu-ri, and Jung Hyun-jun sang it and garnered attentions.

This celebration stage, which made tears of the actors who participated in the awards ceremony, earned an enthusiastic response. Afterwards many requests were rushing to Lee Juk’s Instagram and it seems that the release of the sound source was decided in return.

Singer-songwriter Lee Juk, who made his debut as a member of Panic, worked with Kim Dong-ryul as a project band Carnival and established himself as a representative musician of our time through his unique musicalization methods. In particular, Lee Juk, who has been known as a language alchemist, had a great influence on the popular music industry delivering social messages.

Meanwhile, Lee Juk released the music and LYRICINEMA for ‘The Things We Took For Granted’ on June 21.


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