New girl group Weekly debuts on the 30th… Title song ‘Tag Me’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

The new girl group Weeekly released the first album track list and waiting for debut.

Weekly confirmed the title song of their debut mini album ‘We are’ as ‘Tag Me (@Me)’ (Tag Me), and will visit K-pop fans at home and abroad on the 30th.

The weekly mini-album ‘We are’ is produced by prominent producers such as CODE9, MARCO, Tasco (makemine works), Junzo, Seojieum, danke, etc.

Member Shin Ji-yoon, who showed outstanding musical talent even before her debut, strengthened her work by inspiring Wickley’s personality by participating in composing the introductory song ‘Weeekly Day’ and the final track ‘Reality’.

The title song’Tag Me (@Me)’ (Tag Me) is a track that shows the liberty of teenage girls who cannot be hated at all. It is a track that can confirm the identity of Weekly’s ‘as is’. It is a funky sound pop dance genre composed by popular composers CODE 9, Audi Mok, and Tysha Tiar, and will bring the exhilarating and plump charm of the members with the lively energy.

In addition, the titles of various new songs that Weekly will present, such as ‘Weeekly Day’, ‘Universe’, ‘Hello’, and ‘Reality’, have all been released.

Weekly is a girl band from Play M Entertainment 10 years after A Pink’s debut. And, the average age of Weekly’s members are 17-year-old, and its members are Lee Soo-jin, Monday, Jihan, Shin Ji-yoon, Park So-eun, Zoa, and Lee Jae-hee. Weekly will debut on June 30th. Based on the catchphrase of ‘I give you a new and special week every day,’ Weekly is going to convey the familiar charm of Weekly K-Pop fans to meet every day.

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