Shin Seong-Rok “Master in the House” said “My friend Ha Do-Kwon had vasectomy

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Actor Ha Do-Kwon appeared in ‘Master in the House’, his name was on the most-found words on the searching engine.

Actress Ha Do-kwon appeared as a friend of the performer Shin Seong-rok at the SBS entertainment program ‘Master in the House’, which aired on the 21st, after Uhm Jung-hwa appeared as a master, having a festival at a roller court. At this time, Ha Do-kwon showed a sense of humor and singing skills, and he boasted his friendship with Shin Seong-rok and teared.

Ha Do-kwon has not been unusual since his appearance. Ha Do-won, who was greeted with an intense charisma and low voice, Uhm Jung-hwa asked him for sing a song and boasted a sweet charm by melting the eardrums of viewers with a single vocal measure. He continued to reveal the chemistry with Shin Seong-rok, saying, ‘You can put chords in all the songs of Shin Seong-rok.’

During the next ‘Truth Game’ time, Shin Seng-rok revealed a story about how Ha Do-kwon had struggled during the long anonymous life of Ha Do-kwon, revealing the story of cheering Ha Do-kwon’s wife with tears, revealing a great friendship. At this time, Ha Do-kwon and Shin Seong-rok held together each other’s hands, and brought tears to those who shed tears.

While everyone was impressed by the warm story, Shin Seong-rok caught the eye by revealing the secrets of the Ha Do-kwon that he had vasectomy. When Shin Seong-rok revealed his secreat, Ha Do-kwon was embarrassed and saying “No!”

In the ‘Myeonggok Karaoke Room’, a corner for a competition after becoming a team with a friend, Ha Do-Kwon suddenly grabbed the microphone and showed off his gorgeous stage manners as if he was having a dance competition against Hong Jin-kyung, who was dancing.

Ha Do-kwon, who made an outstanding performance that moved between emotions and laughter, took the top spot in the real-time search terms of the portal site at the same time as broadcasting.

He plays the role of ‘Gang Doo-ki’ in ‘Hot Stove League’, showing a variety of charms ranging from acting to performing arts, and Ha Do-kwon, which has been properly eye-catching to the public with perfect character digestibility.

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