‘Broadcasting on your side’ ends on July 10th season… Reorganization (official)

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

After the ‘Broadcasting on your side’ season ends, it will begin to prepare for the new season.

MBC entertainment program ‘Broadcasting on your side’ will end the season on July 10th. ‘Broadcasting on your side’ is an entertainment that has never existed in the world where ‘Commentating team’ runs for  support who are facing a small challenge on the ring of life, and only favors and supports my players and share their challenges.

Started as a pilot which held a meeting with the residents of Geoje Island last year, confirmed the regular formation thanks to great popularity, and met with viewers for about 9 months afterwards, and healed the representative of Friday, who listened to ‘My side’ for any reason in the senseless world and presented pleasant healing program.

In particular, it was praised as a unique and fresh project that twisted the ‘favoritism’ and created a sports legend commentator and professional performer caster such as basketball team commentator Seo Jang-hoon and Boom, soccer team commentator Ahn Jung-hwan and Kim Sung-joo, baseball team commentator Kim Byung-hyun and Kim Je-dong. The chemistry and talks of the composed ‘commentating team’ drew a laugh.

In addition, Various attempts have been made: the special feature of the meeting, which was established as the signature of ‘Fairy Relay’, the special feature of the Happy Underdog, which captured the fun and excitement, and the Trot episode, which recorded the highest viewing rating of 7% (based on Nielsen Korea Metropolitan Furniture) twice, the collaboration with the’This Life is Ruined’ contest, the former singer king of memories, and the exhilarating home shopping sales king. Such efforts made viewers exciting and impressing.

“Broadcasting on your side” production staff said, “We decided to have a reorganization period for more novel fun, and we also considered the current situation that recruiting stories from the general public.” We hope that the last broadcast will be watched with great interest and affection.”

On the 10th of July, at 9:50 pm, the last story of King Trot’s royal quartet is waiting for the future of MBC ‘Broadcasting on your side’, which will end the season.


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