‘My brilliant life’ PD “MBC Daily drama revival’s first work is no burden”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

MBC’s new daily drama ‘My Brilliant Life’ starts to attract viewers at home with cheerful and cheerful charm.

On the afternoon of the 24th, the production presentation of MBC’s new daily drama ‘My Brilliant Life’ (played by Seo Jung/Director Kim Yong-min) was broadcast live. The production presentation was attended by Shim Yi-young, Jin Ye-sol, Choi Seong-jae, Won Gi-joon and director PD Kim Yong-min.

Director Kim Yong-min, PD, said, “When a small thing like an invisible point suddenly approaches a large one in front of me, the big thing may be material or mental. How can we escape, accept, or solve the current situation?” “It is a drama that started from considering the way to make my life shine with positive energy.”

“There is no burden,” said Kim Yong-min, as the head of the MBC Daily Drama, which was revived in a year. Kim PD emphasized, “Because I have confidence in the drama and there are actors, there is no burden on the broadcasting time.”

He also added spectator points. Kim PD said, “The drama tone itself is pleasant and cheerful, so you can watch it with a smile. From the beginning to the end, you can watch with a smile, and all characters in the drama are close to the real sympathetic type. There’s no unreal person in the drama,  Shim Yi-young plays the role of an aunt next-door.”

“As the play progresses, there are many remnants about how and where to solve issues and how to live if there are no solutions about their issues, for example, if the house is gone. I think there will be a lot of questions while watching it. I think.”

‘My Brilliant Life’ is a warm story that reflects on our lives and families through women who survived all misfortunes and became the child of chaebol overnight and another woman who fell vertically from chaebol II and lived a normal life. It contains a warm-hearted story. First broadcast at 7:20 pm on the 29th.


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