“My brilliant life” Won Ki-joon “Scene that hit by Kimchi? I will try hard to make every scene look natural”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

Actor Won Ki-joon revealed his thoughts on the so-called ‘Kimchi Sadaegi’ scene, which is being an interesting issue on online.

On the afternoon of the 24th, the production presentation of MBC’s new daily drama ‘My Brilliant Life’ (played by Seo Jung/Director Kim Yong-min) was broadcast live. The production presentation was attended by Shim Yi-young, Jin Ye-sol, Choi Seong-jae, Won Gi-joon and director PD Kim Yong-min.

In the MBC drama ‘Everybody’s Kimchi’, which appeared in the past, Won Ki-joon has become a hot topic online, and continues to attract attention. To this, Won Ki-jun said, “When I filmed ‘Everybody’s kimchi’, I didn’t notice that the scene would be talked about so much,” he said.

Won Ki-joon said in a prospect that a scene that would surpass the scene will appear in the new drama, “I think that if I’m obsessed with the scene, I think I would spoil the drama. “On the drama, Bok-hee hits me with a cake,  but I didn’t intend to do it on purpose. If you do, you can expect a lot of scenes that you didn’t think of with Ad-lib,” he said.

‘My Brilliant Life’ is a warm story that reflects on our lives and families through a woman who survived all misfortunes and became the child of  chaebol overnight and another woman who fell vertically from chaebol and lived a normal life. It contains. First broadcast at 7:20 pm on the 29th.


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