‘Snowpiercer’ Episode 6 released, crisis of derailment. What is the fate of mankind?

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Netflix’s original series ‘Snowpiercer’ has released 6 episodes and is catching viewers with a more urgent story.

The murder occurred on a train, that has been running for 7 years by carrying survived men in the frozen earth, and a man in the tailgate, who was brought up to solve this problem, discovers the enormous secret of everyone’s survival. ‘Snowpiercer’ released the sixth episode.

The 6 episodes of the ‘Snowpiercer’ released continue the story unnoticed for a moment due to the conflict between Layton and Melanie, which is deepening in conflict with the snow country train at great risk. With a dissatisfaction with the ruling of the last trial, tailgate passengers plan to strike, and their tension with Melanie become worse. After waking up, Layton tries to find Melanie, who stucked him in a drawer.

The train eventually faces a derailment crisis after two confrontations that cannot be yielded. Passengers, the last survivors of mankind, are overwhelmed by the fear of apocalypse, and with Melanie’s efforts, the train managed to escape the crisis. The fact that they were all okay seemed to resolve the class conflict for a while, but Melanie wants to get rid of all these dangers by quickly removing Layton.

The trailer for Episode 7, which was released next, shows that Melanie is in a dead end that cannot hide the boundary between means and methods and good and evil. Expectations are heightened as a full war between Layton, who learns of the top secret of Wilford’s drawer and Wilford’s identity, and Melanie, who needs to remove the hazards to stabilize the train, are predicted.

The ‘Snowpiercer’ is a total of 10 episodes, and every episode is released every Monday through Netflix.


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