‘Ssack 3’ Yoo Duraegon X Linda G X Biryong, Makeover big success …They look like a veteran entertainers

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Ssack 3, a new band, successfully completed the makeover with the help of stylist Han Hye-yeon.

MBC Entertainment Program ‘How do you play?’ On the 24th, the production team released several photos on the official Instagram page, writing a message, “Time to meet my new characters that I didn’t notice! Ssack 3 completed the makeover ahead of debut”. Then, it added, “A Cut of Sun Public. It is clear that they are not newcomers. Power celebrities.”

In the pictures, the three members were completely transformed into Yoo Duraegon (Yoo Jae-seok), Linda G (Lee Hyo-ri), and Biryong (Rain), which changed 180 degrees with the hands of superstar stylist Han Hye-yeon.

They looked perfect with retro outfits and focused attention in a striking pose. In particular, ‘Linda G’ Lee Hyo-ri boasted her unique sexy beauty and charisma that reminds the public of the solo ‘Ten-minite’ days.

The netizens who came across the photos showed an explosive reaction to their perfect transformation, saying, “Hyo-ri is so charismatic,” “All three are perfect entertainers,” and “Isn’t it really cutie?”

‘How do you play’, a mixed group of Rain, Lee Hyo-ri, and Yoo Jae-suk, formed as a summer project by ‘How do you play?’, stands at the center of the topic every day after selecting a debut song. It is broadcast every Saturday at 6:30 PM.


Photo| MBC’What do you do when you play?’ SNS

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