Kim Soo-chan looks like a Prince… an attracive Teaser image

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

Singer Kim Soo-chan released the first mini-album ‘Soo-chan’s Karaoke Room’ teaser photo.

On the 25th, Kim Soo-chan posted a teaser image of the new song ‘Hip’ through an official social media during the day, raising expectations for the song. This song is a new song released in a year and a half after the ‘Love Solver’ in 2019 and the first new song since TV Chosun ‘Mister Trot’ has attracted attention from the public.

In the photo, Kim Soo-chan boasts a styling that shows a luxurious appearance in line with the nickname of ‘Prince-chan,’ and a visual reminiscent of the little prince.

In this mini album ‘Soo-chan’s Karaoke Room’, which includes the new song ‘Hip’, the songs that have been released in the past, such as comedy tearing, which is loved by the broadcaster with lyrics like a comedy, and addictive lyrics and rhythm, ‘Love Solver’ Also included.

The title song ‘Hip’ is the debut song of the Banana Girl Project in 2003 and is a remake of ‘Hip’ written by the best composer Bang Si-hyuk in Korea. Adding a trot that stimulates Kim Soo-chan’s excitement to a sound based on electronic dance music, a dance trot song that can be easily sung by everyone of all ages is born.

Kim Soo-chan’s new song ‘Hip’ will be released through various sound source sites at 12:00 on the 4th of July.

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