Nancy, “On the internet, many just talk about my body”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

Nancy of Momoland photographed an alluring yet elegant concept.

When I asked about the current status in the photo shoot of bnt, “I started to live alone for the first time this time, and it is really good to be alone at home, watching ‘Netflix’.” ‘I watched ‘Friends’ twice and ‘Gossip Girl’ by four or five times,’ she replied.

Momoland returns to the special album ‘Starry Night’ on June 11. What is your favorite song? “It’s ‘Pinky Love’,” said Nancy. “I liked this song as usual, so I thought, ‘I think it would be great if there was a Korean version.'” She also said she was happy to be able to share the song with Korean ‘Mary’ at this opportunity.

Next, she showed her feeling for the fans by saying, “The biggest thing I felt while preparing for the ‘Starry Night’ activity was the longing and preciousness of the fans.” I was wondering if fans would like this with an album of a different color than ‘pumppump’. Regarding ‘pumppum’, she said, “It was a bigger challenge than this album.” When she held the first place in the music program, she laughed and said, “As soon as I heard it, I couldn’t believe the great news and I came down to the stage and cried right away.”

Hasn’t she ever been nervous for the future after her great success? In response to this, Nancy replied that she wasn’t nervous, saying, “Our goal from the beginning was the hearts of fans, not the first place. Above all, I want to make music that fans like.”

When asked what she wanted to show at Momoland in the future, she expressed his aspirations, saying, “If Momoland was a sticky feeling so far, I want to show a brighter and more feminine look now.”

In particular, Nancy said, “From the beginning of the day, there were only comments about my body on the Internet.” It is natural to be evaluated for singing skills, dancing skills, and style due to the professional nature of the singer. But, no one has rights to mention my body shape,” she said.

Nancy nowadays often listen IU ‘Eight (Prod. & Feat. SUGA of BTS)’. “I love many of IU’s songs. Her voice is so beautiful that I never get boring.”

Nancy is interested in musicals so much that she sings ‘The Little Mermaid’ OST ‘Part of Your World’ at a high level. She said that she enjoyed ‘Les Misérables’ and said, “If I am strong and I have a chance, I want to try a musical.”

20-year-old Nancy’s ideal type is “I like people who are pretty when laughing and funny.” “It seems that self-respecting people look better,” she responded frankly.

As for the usual body care, she said, “I have recently found a diet tip .” “It is a good to have meals twice for a day, in a healthy way. Skipping meals are not a good option. I eat healthy food made from salad or brown rice.”

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