Park Bo-gum, Admiral of Naval Culture Promotion → Starting to serve in the army on August 31… Fans “I’ll Wait” [Comprehensive]

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Park Bo-gum (27) transforms from a top actor to a navy.

On June 25, Park Bo-gum confirmed his enlistment on August 31, when he finally passed the Navy Culture Promotional Service. Park Bo-gum entered the 669th Navy training course at 2 pm on this day and fulfills his duty of defense.

Park Bo-gum’s agency, Blossom Entertainment, released a press release and said, “Park Bo-gum has passed the Navy Culture Promotion Team.”

The agency said, “We plan to complete both the film “Wonderland” and the drama “Youth Record” before enlistment. “I ask Park Bo-gum to cheer for the actor to fulfill his defense duties in a healthy way.”

Fans are expressing regret when Park Bo-gum’s naval enlistment is confirmed next month, but are cheering, saying, “I’ll wait” and “Healthy well.”

Last month, Park Bo-gum received a topic by applying to the Navy’s military and honor guard battalion keyboard parts. It is known that Park Bo-gum’s application to the Navy’s military band was influenced by the father of the Navy.

Park Bo-gum has finished filming the new film ‘Seobok’ directed by Lee Yong-joo, and is currently in full swing for the tvN new drama ‘Youth Record’ and director Kim Tae-yong’s new ‘Wonderland’.

Park Bo-gum releases the fan song ‘All My Love’ before enlistment. ‘All My Love’ is a song written, composed and produced by singer-songwriter Sam Kim. It is a song that evokes Park Bo-gum’s unique sweet voice in a lyrical melody.

Marking Park Bo-gum’s debut anniversary, ‘All My Love’ will be released through the global music service on August 10, and a single album will be released in Korea and Japan simultaneously on August 12.
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