“Redevelopment of Love” Shin Dong-yeop “Middle-aged people’s romantic relation is same with that of young people”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

Broadcaster Shin Dong-yeop became a cupid of middle-aged love.

Shin Dong-yeop, along with singer Jang Yoon-jung, and broadcaster Boom, will be the MC of the new entertainment program ‘Adults’ relationship: Re-development of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Redevelopment of Love’, directed by Lee Ji-sun). Shin Dong-yeop, the ‘national MC’, loved by all generations with his witty talk and skillful progress, went out to find new love for middle-aged people.

Before the first broadcast, Shin Dong-yeop said, “Since I first received a MC position, I thought a lot about ‘it will be fresh and fun’. That’s why I thought it would be nice to do a program in that direction.”

Regarding the attractiveness of ‘Redevelopment of Love’, it is called “A story of adults.” Even if the environment and circumstances change, the fundamentals do not change. “It’s a program that reveals those same feelings.”

Shin Dong-Yeop is in charge of a program with middle-aged guests from SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ to ‘Redevelopment of Love’. What is his thought the differentiated strength of the middle-aged guest as ‘a veteran entertainment’? Shin Dong-Yeop mentioned “Sincerity” and said, “People who have been broadcasting have known and optimized the broadcasting. That’s why in some cases, the producers care about the answers they want, and to be honest, they may feel compulsive or wrong. However, there are some elderly people who speak and sincerely and yet concentrate. That’s what I’m learning.”

Meanwhile, ‘Redevelopment of Love’ is a ’50+ generation 3:3 adult meeting’ program to awaken the love cells of lonely middle-aged singles and find new love for them. ‘Redevelopment of Love’ will be aired on July 2nd at 8:30 pm for the first time.


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