Release the teaser ‘Maria’ teaser…A charismatic woman

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

Mamamoo’s first mini album ‘Maria’ teaser image has been released.

On the 25th, Hwasa shared an additional teaser image of its first mini album’Maria’ through an official social media. In the photo, the she’s wearing white clothes that look rough and tough. Like a buckled outfit, the enterprising and imposing charm that wants to be free from prejudice and oppression is impressive.

Earlier, Hwasa released a teaser image with a fascinating and fatal charm, followed by an extraordinary girl crush image and released her various charms, raising the expectation for the new song ‘Maria’.

Hwasa will release its first mini album ‘Maria’, debuting at 6 pm on the 29th. After a solo debut song, ‘Stupid,’ she completed her first mini-album with a unique charm as a solo comeback in one year and four months.

In addition to her own compositions, Zico and DPR LIVE participated in the album production. Particularly, Hwasa participated in the composition and composition of the title song ‘Maria’ to reveal her presence as a solo musician.

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