“Remarriage was great, too” After the remarriage of Yeom Kyung-hwan, the immigration situation left Vietnam

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Ji Sang-ryul mentioned the remarriage of Yeom Kyung-hwan and is a hot topic again.

Ji Sang-ryul compared to himself who had never been married with Yeom Kyung-hwan, in the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ broadcast on the 24th. “Those who married become more mature.” Ji Sang-ryul said.

He added, “Especially, when (Yeom) Gyung-hwan succeeded in remarriage, and in the case of Gura, he has a great romantic relationship.”

After the broadcast, Yeom Kyung-hwan’s past divorce history attracted new attention among netizens.

Yeom Kyung-hwan married a girlfriend who was a flight attendant, and once experienced the pain of breaking up in 2002. She has no child.

After that, Yeom Kyung-hwan started a second life with a beautiful woman with a new home. He also appeared in entertainment programs with his son and shared a happy life.

Then, in 2017, he chose immigration to Vietnam with his family and surprised people.

On the background of the decision to immigrate to Vietnam on a broadcast, Yeom Kyung-hwan said, “I lived 50 years, but the rest of my life wanted to live differently. I was serious about how long I can work as a celebrity. Then Vietnam was just right for me, and the business I wanted to do was well suited here.”

Another broadcast said, “There was a bad article about the past agency, and the broadcast didn’t call it. If you can’t appear in one program, your income is 0 won.” “I wanted to disappear quietly if it disappeared from the broadcast anyway.”

Yeom Kyung-hwan is currently active in home shopping, living in Korea and Vietnam.


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