‘Ssanggappocha’ Today (25th) Last business… Hwang Jeong-eum and Choi Won-young answered directly.

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Ssangappocha left the last business.

Actress Hwang Jeong-eum, who prepared for a warm healing time through various stories for viewers over the past six weeks, from the pool of guests to the narrative of a former lover, while the JTBC tree drama ‘Ssanggappocha’ (played by Ha Yoon-ah/directed Jeon Chang-geun) ended on June 25th. And with her, Choi Won-young have delivered their comments directly to viewers.

The following is an answer to Jong-Yong.

# Feelings on the end of drama

Hwang Jung-eum of madam of Pocha, Wolju, who passes over ‘G Seung’ and gives guests a chance. “I watched the broadcast after finising the filming of pre-production drama. I remembered happy memories and emotions of that time, so I was sorry and sad,” she said. “For ‘Ssanggappocha’, a lot of staff and actors, the director and the writer, suffered. I also did not forget to say hello to the people who worked together and the viewers who loved ‘Ssangappocha’. Choi Won-young, a member of the vice-chancellor who has continued his love for Wolju for 500 years, said, “I started filming last year and thought it was a long journey, but the result comes out and it ends with only 12 episodes. It seems time flies, so I feel sorry for it.” In addition, there was a heartfelt greeting saying, “If the laughs and small comforts I gave you in ‘Sanggappocha’ remain as long as a pleasant memory, I will be grateful.”

# The most memorable scene and remarks on drama

‘Ssanggappocha’ is a variety of episodes and in-depth past life narratives that have produced numerous famous scenes and remarks. Among them, Hwang Jeong-eum said, “I remember the monologue of Wolju, who soothed 100,000 Koreans and listened to them for 500 years because of her sin of suiciding.” After a story of the novelists, “One of the two most trusted people died first and the other betrayed me. But even when I died, I have to listen to others and heard a thankful voice, so wasn’t it funny?” “I thought that Wolju had a lot of trouble”. Choi Won-young said, “There were so many famous scenes and famous remarks for each of them. I think the viewers will probably remember and find it more clearly, and I think they will be talked about.”

# Viewers’ interest in the past life narrative

Hwang Jeong-eum, who expressed Wolju’s emotional pains from people and miss for her former lover in a delicate way, said, “I am grateful for being loved as an ‘epic restaurant’.” “I watched the broadcast while waiting for a new episode with the same spirit as the viewers. “I waited for the secrets of the ties that were involved in my previous life, and every time it was revealed, I was nervous enough to sweat my hands.” “I think I was given a great gift of nature while walking on the trail of an actor,” said Choi Won-young, who found a different meaning. “At the time of shooting, I could not guess at all that viewers would be wondering about the identity of the prince. Of course, I thought I was a prince, continuing to film, and since there was a point where the whole narrative was piled up and released, I thought a lot about a great acting performance for the prince character whenever the script came out.” “There was also a device to make it fuzzy, and to add suspicion, I also added a non-three acting act. Those who watched meticulously seemed to have noticed the fact that the headmaster was already in the early stages, so he was likely to act more closely.”

# What drama do you want ‘Ssangappocha’ to remain

Lastly, how would Hwang Jung-eum and Choi Won-young want ‘Ssanggappocha’ to be remembered by viewers? “I heard that viewers were comforted through cool remarks and great advice,” said Hwang Jeong-eum, “I want to remain as a drama I want viewers to remember this drama whenever they feel tired and exhausted.” Choi Won-young said, “After the first broadcast, a clerk at a store told me that he was watching a drama and said, ‘I really wish there was such a restaurant around me’. The moment was impressive to me.” “Many viewers said Ssanggappocha is fun and warm, and they are soothed while laughing and crying with this drama. I also felt the same while acting. I wish the fragrance would remain.” The drama will be broadcasted on the 25th at 9:30 pm.


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