[Comprehensive] Black Pink “Global achievements? There are no barriers to music…I want to give positive and hope.”

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‘Global star’ Black Pink delivered aspiration as an artist saying, “I want to give a message of positive and hopeful” to music fans after a year and two month’s new comeback.

On the afternoon of the 26th, the girl band held an online press conference commemorating the release of their first regular album title song ‘How You Like That’.

Black Pink’s new song was released in April 2019, after EP ‘Kill This Love’ for a year and two months. On this day, Jenny announced that the gap was lengthened in “I thought that I would like to challenge a variety of new genres like before tasting by unveiling a free single because it was the first challenge called a regular album”. “I enjoyed it all the time and I am looking forward to seeing how it will change and develop in the future,” said Jenny.

‘How You Like That’ is a song that gives a strong impression of reversal to vocals that are heightened by changes in emotion and the explosive drop parts of’How You Like That’. As the song progresses, there is a message of black pink that the powerful beat that is heightened is ‘Let’s go forward without flying in any dark situation and fly high’.

As for the new song, Jisoo said, “We tried to put in a more powerful and hip-hop element without missing our own color. The orchestral sound of the early stage is intense, but we hope to enjoy it as there is a change in the song after that.”

Regarding the message that Black Pink wants to convey through the song, “It may sound great, but I wanted to give you a positive and hopeful message through this song. Sing so that you can gain the strength and confidence to rise again without going into a dark or difficult situation.” Jisoo said.

Regarding the visual concept, Jenny said, “There was a variety of concepts in the song, so I paid attention to clothes, too. I had a lot of trouble and discussion to save it because there was something more hip-hop than the previous song.”

Regarding the process until their own style came out, Jenny said, “Styling is an important part of making Black Pink’s music. When vocals, emotion, dance and fashion, etc. are all perfectly combined into one, the music expression is maximized. “Every time we work on an album, the idea is for each stylist and members to find the best ideas and combine them to create something that wasn’t in the world. Until the results are good and everyone can be satisfied until the end, we all try hard.”

Regarding the spectator points of the new song music video, Rose said, “There are so many props and various sets appearing this time.”

Prior to the comeback, Black Pink participated as a featured runner in Lady Gaga’s new album ‘Sour Cream’, released last month, and made a global achievement as the best performance of K-pop female artists. Lady Gaga’s suggestion was the opportunity to participate in the work. “I got a phone call from Lady Gaga, and we had a great personality, and it was an honor to say we were fans of our music,” said Jenny.

“I was a very respected artist since my debut, but it was hard to believe that I was working together,” said Jenny. “I was so happy that it was fun, and I appreciate it because many people like it.”

Black Pink also collaborated with Dua Lipa prior to Lady Gaga. Regarding these overseas artists’ suggestions for collaborations, Jisoo said, “In our opinion, this collaboration itself seems to have a positive effect on each other. It is good to create a new look, stimulate, and get inspiration through each other’s musical exchange. I think it’s an opportunity.”

She also said, “We always want to show a new look, and it seems to be attractive and offer a collaborative suggestion to show a confident look. It’s an honor.”

She also expressed her appreciation for being reborn as a beloved person in the global market beyond the border, such as rising as a YouTube queen. “Thank you very much. This opportunity once again makes me feel that music is universal. You will learn from this opportunity that the language barrier or culture of music is not a problem,” said Jisoo.

Regarding continued favorable performance in the global market, Jenny was delighted to say, “We are grateful that we are sharing good music and synergy with many people, and it is a news that is also a strength for us every time we listen.”

She also revealed her ambition to give ‘good influence’ through music. “Whenever we hear these stories, I think we should try to make more sense of responsibility and make a good impact. To those who like and support our music, we always know that we will love ourselves, and we hope that we will always be imposing. That’s what I want to say to fans.”

‘How You Like That’ will be released to the world at 6 pm on the same day. Black Pink meets global fans with ‘Countdown Live’ on V Live and YouTube’s official channel from 5pm, an hour earlier.

The first comeback stage will take place on the 26th (local time) at the American NBC signage program, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The first music broadcast appearance will begin on the 28th at SBS ‘Inkigayo’.


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