Kim Soo-hyun, Park Seo-joon x Lee Hyun-woo x IU ‘dream’ team Food truck service gift … “shy smile”

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Actor Kim Soo-hyun had a thank you gift from the snack car to Park Seo-joon, IU, Lee Hyun-woo’s movie ‘Dream’.

Kim Soo-hyun is the 26th on his Instagram posted several pictures along the lines of “You shine IU. Lee Hyun-woo, you are my friend. Park Seo-joon, you were nice on your recent. I’m psycho, but it’s okay.”

Kim Soo-hyun in the published photos are shot before taking the certification of coffee tea who presented the film “Dream” is being taken to the Park Seo-joon, IU, Lee Hyun-woo. The funny witty phrase of “Dream Dream”. Kim Soo-hyun’s dazzling height and the size of her face just before disappearing attract attention. The friendship between the three actors and Kim Soo-hyun is warm.

The netizens responded by saying, “I envy your friends,” “I think your face is too small”, “You’re so handsome”, “I like to see your friendship. It’s warm!”

When Kim Soo-hyun presented a coffee tea to the ‘Dream’ filming site, this time the ‘Dream’ team responded with a tea for Kim Soo-hyun, who is filming the tvN drama ‘Psycho but it’s okay’.

Kim Soo-hyun is making a big speech in the tvN Saturday drama ‘Psycho but It’s Okay’, which was first broadcast on the 20th, as Moon Kang-tae, a mental clinic guard.

Photo| Soohyun Kim SNS

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