Kim Sung-min’s 4th cycle…Memorial from the netizen “I still remember his acting performance on ‘The Little Mermaid'”

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The 4th anniversary of the late actor Kim Sung-min commemorated the netizens.

Kim Sung-min, who died of brain death on June 26, 2016 at 43. The bereaved family decided to donate his organs according to the wishes of Kim Sung-min, as he has often usually told to his acquaintances and family, and three organs, including Kim’s kidney cornea, were donated to five patients.

After enjoying the news of the deceased’s 4th cycle, netizens remembered Kim Sung-min’s appearance and commemorated the deceased.

The netizens said, “The Little Mermaid’ was the best drama to me’.”, “Actor that I still remember.” , “I was really a fan during ‘Men’s Qualifications…I once again wish you a good luck” and mourned the deceased.

Kim Sung-min, who debuted in 1991 as an advertising model for UnionBay, became a star with playing a main character of the MBC drama ‘The Little Mermaid.’ He continued to be popular with ‘Wang Flower Fairy Tale’ and ‘Fantasy Couple’. In 2009, he appeared in the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Men’s Qualifications’, and was nicknamed’Kim Bong Chang’ and was loved.

Kim Sung-min, who was sentenced to probation for drug use in 2010 and stopped broadcasting, aimed to recover after returning to the 2012 JTBC drama ‘Can We Get Married’? In 2013, remarriage and new homes were also established. However, in 2015, he was arrested on charges of taking drugs again, and was sentenced to 700,000 won in prison in October of prison, but he was released from jail in January 2016, but eventually died.

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