‘Linda G’ Lee Hyo-ri, Her hopi fashion is also great… Rain “Beautiful”

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jeong Intern Reporter]

‘Linda G’ Lee Hyo-ri has perfected Hopi fashion.

On the 25th, Lee Hyo-ri posted a photo on her Instagram with the text “Today’s Style”.

In the released photo, Lee Hyo-ri is wearing jeans with a leopard print and is looking at the camera. Hopi fashion, which can looks wierd, was fit to Lee Hyo-ri, thanks to her great charisma.

The netizens cheered with comments such as “Linda G” and “You showed a pretty fashion”.

When Lee Hyo-ri answered, when ‘Biryong’, Rain commented “You are beautiful and beautiful, forever.”,  “Isn’t it your birthday today? Just do everything whatever you want.” In response, Rain said “Thank you” and provoked laughter.

On the other hand, Lee Hyo-ri formed a hybrid group, ‘Ssack 3’, together with Yoo Jae-seok and Rain in the MBC entertainment program ‘How do you play?’


Photo|Lee Hyo-ri SNS
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