Ok Joo-hyun,’S-line body’ without cellulite

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

Musical actor Ok Joo-hyun boasted a perfect figure who succeeded in losing her weights.

Ok Joo-hyun released a photo of a white ballet suit on her official Instagram on the 26th. Ok Joo-hyun, wearing a ballet suit, knelt down, turned his head slightly to the side, and posed.

In the photo, Ok Joo-hyun’s body is admirable. Boasting a healthy line from the back to the hips and hips, and a sleek arm line from the arms to the legs without arms, Ok Joo-hyun’s eyes, who turned her hair to one side, are dazzling and fascinating.

Ok Joo-hyun also told the story behind the photo shoot. The reporter asked, “Originally, I asked to shoot last month, but I didn’t want to rely on Photoshop to be seemed attractive, so I was surprised that the staff aksed me to lose weights more before taking photo. I also had to refine my moves.” This photo that was released is called’uncorrected natural body’.

Ok Joo-hyun started dieting with a goal of 57 kg at a weight of 62 kg, and the result was a perfect pictorial.

On the other hand, Ok Joo-hyun warned against online trolls related to the dropout of Koo Bon-soo, a star of JTBC ‘Phantom Singer’.


Photo|Ok Joo-hyun SNS
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