‘Salimnam 2’ Kang Sung-yeon, Shocked by Pediatric Examination…Actress → Housewife ‘Realistic Awareness Time’

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Salimnam 2’ Kang Sung-yeon was shocked by a regular checkup of pediatrics for two sons.

On the 27th, KBS2’s ‘Salimnam 2’ depicts Kang Sung-yeon’s remarkable day of returning from actress to housewife.

Recently, Kang Sung-yeon appealed to her husband, Kim Ga-on, and fell into reality awareness time. The reason is that the drama was over and came back to the housewife.

On the other hand, Kim Ga-on seemed to have immediately gone out, regardless of Kang Sung-yeon’s feeling.

Kang Sung-yeon, who is in vain for a while, has been devoted to children’s care. At the time of the treatment, her first son, Si-an was told to receive a vaccination shot, and the tear glands exploded, and Kang Sung-yeon managed to take care of her child alone.

In addition, the appearance of Kang Sung-Yeon, who is shocked by the results of the second coastal examination, becomes more curious about the results.

While Kang Seon-yeon struggled with childcare alone, her husband, Kim Ga-on, showed a lot of excitement as he freely enjoys his time after going outside. Even when he was playing, Kim Ga-on, who was just enjoying his free time with his friends, did not know that Kang’s promised return time was nearing.

The reversed day of Kim Ga-on returning from Latte Papa to a free spirit and Kang Sung-yeon returning from actor to housewife can be seen in KBS2 ‘Salimnam 2′ broadcasted at 9:15 pm on Saturday, 27th.


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