‘Show me the money’ Nafla, Loopy’ vs ‘Good Girl’ Ailee, Hyoyeon, Jeon Ji-woo Legend stage notice

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As Mnet ‘GOOD GIRL: Who robbed Mnet’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Good Girl’) is winning popularity with successive quest wins, the quest hero who will decorate the final episode along with the legendary stage will be revealed on the 25th.

In the last broadcast, the ‘Good Girl’ crew welcomed the main characters of ‘Show Me the Money’, which consisted of Mamison, Nafla, Loopy, and Rhythm Power, as their third quest opponent. In the first round, Jang Ye-eun competed with Mamison, who overlooked expectations. Jang Ye-eun sang a fresh and lovely song, winning her competition against Mamison.

In the broadcast on this day, the big match is expected to continue.The stage of Yunhway and Lee Young-ji, who face the winner and runner-up of Nafla and Loopy, are the winners of Show Me the Money Triple Seven. In addition, Rhythm Power’s competition against  Ailee, Hyoyeon, and Jeon Ji-woo, who decided to appear without a single worries about money, are expected to have a confrontation that should not disturb their concentration even for a moment. In particular, Ailee, Hyoyeon, and Jeon Ji-woo are expected to making an effort to win money with unexpected stage.

With the interest in what legend stages the Good Girls facing the ‘Show Me the Money’ team will be excited about, the attention will be paid to whether Ailee, who urgently aksed staff to let her visit the hospital ahead of the stage,  can finish the contest against Rhythm Power safely. In addition, Lee Young-ji, who faced Nafla and Loopy as a powerful ‘rap club’, suddenly cried, saying, “I’m sorry,” and it raises further curiosity.

On this day’s broadcast, Super Quest opponents will be revealed to decorate the end of the great team, for 30 million won. The Good Girl crew revealed that they felt sorry for saying “I want to be with all crews longer” at the end of the last quest. In addition, it is known that the game of karaoke scores of Good Girls will be played, which further raises the expectation of the broadcasts of the good girls.


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