‘Ssanggappocha’ Hwang Jeong-eum, her feeling of the end of drama… “I was happy to be Wolju.”

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‘Ssanggappocha’ Hwang Jeong-eum revealed her impression.

On the 25th, Hwang Jeong-eum posted the last 12 episodes of the script verification shot with his affectionate post on his Instagram, “I was happy to be Wolju. I love and appreciate the production team including the director.”

In the script in the photo, there is a greeting written by writer Ha Yoon-a to the actors saying, “I was happy to meet Ssangappocha and all of you. I hope all ends well in good health until the end.” At the end of the drama, the production team and the cast members express their gratitude to each other.

The netizens showed the regret of saying goodbye with ‘Wolju’ of ‘Ssanggappocha’ with comments such as “I was happy to meet Wolju”, “Healed thanks to you”, and “What should I see now?”

Hwang Jung-eum played a tricky Pocha owner ‘Wolju’ in the JTBC tree drama ‘Ssanggappocha’, which ended on this day, releasing guests and providing surrogate satisfaction to viewers. Hwang Jeong-eum was loved for his original webtoon ‘Ssanggappocha’, which boasted a perfect week and perfect synchro rate.


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