Yeong-Tak, Jeong Dong-Won X Jang Min-Ho and office look…

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Singer Yeong-tak revealed the behind-the-scenes cut of ‘Love Call Center’ with Jeong Dong-won and Jang Min-ho.

He posted a photo on his Instagram on the 25th with a short text titled “Senior manager Jeong and Assistant manager Jang.” In the photo, Yeong-tak, Jeong Dong-won, and Jang Min-ho are all in suits.

Yeong-tak matched his black jacket with a blue tie, and Jeong Dong-won finished his fashion by wearing a black tie and large glasses on a check jacket. Jang Min-ho is poised to go straight to work in a neat white shirt and tie.

In particular, the appearance of Jeong Dong-won, who’s frowning on his faces with an expression of nagging their employees even at the moment, brings a smile.

The three people wore suits and ties, as usual, for the special feature ‘Blow the Stress’ in the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Love Call Center’ broadcasted on the day. The three men transformed into Team Leader Yeong-tak, Assistant Manager Min-ho Jang, and Senior Manager Jeong Dong-won.

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Photo| Yeongtak SNS

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