‘Broke up with Jeong So-min’ Lee Jun…Still bright ‘Youngs’ DJ

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After actor Lee Jun broke up with Jeong So-min, he left the pain of farewell behind and conveyed the status quo with a bright smile.

SBS Radio ‘Lee Jun’s Young Street’ posted on Instagram on the 28th. He posted a picture of Lee Jun with Kim Jae-hyun, Yoo Hoi-seung, and Seo Dong-sung of the band N.flying along with the witty writing of “Oh!

In the photo, Lee Jun is wearing a hat on a T-shirt and has an with a casual style like a student who majors sports, holding an N.Flying’s autographed CD. It showed off a fresh charm.

On the 26th, Lee Jun admitted that he broke up with Jeong So-min after three years of public love. The two met with KBS2 weekend drama ‘Father is Strange’ and developed into a lover in October 2017. It is known that as Lee Jun finished his military service, the two of them became busy with work, and the relationship ended.

After the news of the breakup, netizens left a comment of cheering and encouragement, such as “I always cheer” and “Lee Jun looks like an N.flying member.”

Lee Jun made his debut in 2009 as a group M Black and also acted as an actor. In December of last year, he became a DJ of SBS Radio ‘Young Street’, which Jung So-min has been conducting after he started to serve in the army.


Photo| SBS’Lee Jun’s Young Street’ SNS

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