‘Dogs are incredible’ Kobe and Dambi, behind the scenes released… Troubled Dog Pomi Appears

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

In ‘Dogs are incredible’, Kang Hyung-wook enters the rules to establish a strange puppy’s world.

On the 29th, KBS2’s ‘Dogs are increadible’ will be broadcasted on the 29th.

Distressed dog Pomi is a family of six dogs living together with a guardian adopted Pomi, and has children named Prince, Princess, and a painful Cookie, Chocolate, and Mink. Starting with 12-year-old Pomi, the oldest, it is like a battlefield every day, such as fighting each other and destroying household furniture.

In particular, Pomi’s house has a ‘sequential outing system’ that only one selected dog can go out once a day, so when the guardian goes out, the dogs that remain in the house start collective howling and urine mistakes in the house. It is a situation in which a total of difficulties and the help of ‘Dogs are incredible’ is needed.

However, as Kang Hyung-wook observes Pomi’s house, he discovers something strange in the house. The guardian’s space was not felt like the house, such as a torn wallpaper, a clean living room without furniture, and a dog’s bedding placed on the table. When sleeping, the guardian not only occupies the bed with her dog, but also when eating, she enjoy meals at the sink, not at the table, so as to be astonished.

Accordingly, Kang Hyung-wook begins training to establish rules for Pomi’s house, where order is missing. The thorough separation of the guardian and dog space will show how all six dogs can be brought together under the control of the guardian.

In addition, he tells important facts that a guardian of many pets needs to know, so a question is raised, whether Pomi’s house can be reborn as an orderly and peaceful multi-family family.

On today’s (29th) broadcast, the story of Pomi’s house, a family with 6 dogs, will also be released, and the story behind the unsuccessful behind the border collie’s troubled dogs, Kobe and Dambi, who received great attention last week.

‘Dog is great’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 29th.


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