“From stuff to life”… Shin Aera, Park Na-rae, Yoon Kyun-sang,’Great Cleaning’ counseling at every corner of the house [MK site]

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Viewers are looking for ‘Great Cleaning’ that organize everything from household objects to life.

On the afternoon of the 29th, a production presentation for tvN’s new entertainment program, ‘Great Cleaning’ (directed by Kim Yu-gon, Kim Sang-ah) was held. Due to the spread of Corona 19 (a new type of coronavirus infection), Kim Yu-gon PD, Shin Aera, Park Na-rae, and Yoon Kyun-sang attended this production presentation, which was conducted live online.

‘Great Cleaning’ is a program to empty the objects of ‘home’, which is my own space, and share the know-how that adds happiness to the space. A family counseling program that not only finds the ‘aesthetics of emptying’, but also looks back on my life by sharing life stories about things that need to be organized.

PD Kim Yu-gon, director, said, “Shin Aera made a suggestion. I tried to find another project. In this era, I started to prepare for directing this TV show as cleaning is necessary. Nowadays, I have a lot of time in my house. I thought that whether I could use things in my home efficiently, so I started a program to give an idea. It is a program about cleaning,” he explained.

Actors Shin Aera and Park Na-rae appear as MCs who will change the dream of everyone’s own space. In the ‘Great Cleaning’, Shin Aera, the best celebrity in the entertainment industry, she boldly organizes things that are unnecessary for herself, showing a ‘minimalist’ look. An humorous ‘Maximal List’ Park Na-rae predicts a reverse chemistry with Shin Aera. Yoon Kyun-sang will learn how to clean up to Shin Aera, and delivers a personalized secret from the eyes of people unfamiliar with cleaning.

PD Kim Yu-gon said, “Since the suggestion of Shin Aera, I wished that there was someone who was the opposite of her. Everyone suggested that Park Na-rae in unison. There was no substitute. The two were completed, and I wanted to find the youngest member who coordinated the two well. I thought it would be nice if there were such people and I found Yoon Kyun-sang. I thought it would be good to go with them.”

Shin Aera said, “I loved Park Na-rae. I was so happy to be together. I never went to Park Na-rae’s house, but I saw her house on the screen, but I thought it was a lot. Park Na-rae was very cool because of her personality. “I said it.

Park Na-rae said, “I have a personal relationship with Yoon Kyun-sang,” and said, “I met him on a broadcaster, and he was born to be a broadcaster. He is very good at performing arts. Yoon Kyun-sang is doing a lot more than me. He is also good at mediation. He is struggling in the middle.”

Yoon Kyun-sang said, “When I first performed this entertainment, Park Na-rae largely supported me. I was scared because I didn’t know the entertainment well, so I was able to gain courage.” Yes, it’s a blockbuster. I think you can expect it.”

In the ‘Great Cleaning’, Shin Aera, the best celebrity in the entertainment industry, she boldly organizes things that are unnecessary for herself, showing a ‘minimalist’ look.

Shin Aera said, “It seems that it is not minimalism to empty and throw it away. I think that the arrangement of the objects I have and the space I belong to is the top priority. It seems that it is the organization to find what I need and what I don’t need. There are a lot of them, so there’s also a place where you really don’t know what you need. I hope everyone can look back on themselves,” he said about the minimalism he thought.

The tip is “Even if you rearrange furniture and put it in, the first thing you need to do is empty. Each of them needs to be cleaned up and made loose first. If you don’t think about it all at once, one space per day, you can easily organize it. Said.

Park Na-rae added, “As I cleaned up, I was able to look back on my life. I found some stuff that I’ve forgotten. I think it will be an opportunity to look back on my life.” Shin Aera also said, “If you clean up, you can be more sincere. We’ve been wrapped up in unnecessary things and are wearing too many unnecessary clothes. It’s about getting rid of a lot of things like greed, bluffing, shame, and making you think something really important in my life.” I was looking forward to the ‘Great Cleaning’.

Counseling tvN ‘Great Cleaning’ is broadcast on Monday (10th) at 10:30 on Monday night.


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