G-Dragon, controversy over neglect of dogs→KittiB “Animals are fast fashion?” Sniper[overall]

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

The group’s Big Bang G-Dragon was on controversy over his dog’s neglect, and rapper KittiB criticized him.

Recently, in the online community, a photo of Gaho, G-Dragon’s dog, which is living in a pension operated by his parents, and Jolie, have been released and attracted attention.

In this photo, Gaho seemed to be neglected, and his claws were very long. The writer pointed out to Gaho’s claws, and said, “The dog’s claws grow to the blood vessels, so we have to often shave their claws”.

He also said, “The eyes of Gaho and Jolie are tearing due to their eyelashes”. And, he added that “Both of them looked unhealthy. The Shar Pei species, Gaho and Jolie, are very vulnerable to skin diseases and are also affected by temperature. “It is not a species to grow outdoors.”

G-Dragon became a hot topic in 2012 by adopting Chinese dog Shar Pei, Gaho and Jolie together. They had a photo shoot with G-Dragon, and was known to fans by attending broadcasts and events.

However, as Gaho and Jolie became living in a pension run by G-Dragon’s parents, the netizens said, “Aren’t they abandoned?” “It seems they cannot walk well due to their long toes,” “I wonder whether G-Dragon and his parents go outside, having enough time with dogs,” G-Dragon is facing bitter criticism for raising another Shar Pei dog, after sending Gaho and Jolie to his parent’s pension.

KittiB, who has shown affection for animals through SNS, etc., made her voice heard. She said, “I hope the law is legislated to ban those who often abandon their pets from raising another pet again. I’m so sorry for being a human being,” she said.

In addition, she posted a video of a Shar Pei owner on the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Dogs are incredible’, and wrote “I also want to know the truth.” According to the video, “It is not easy to care for the skin due to the characteristics of wrinkled shape of Shar Pei. It is said that if you cannot not wipe and disinfect it every day, you cannot grow it.”

As the controversy grew, a netizen shared the phone content with the pension and shared the status of Gaho. According to the netizen, the pension side called the pet dog center to wash Gaho and shaved claws.

The reporter tried to speak to the pension owner on the phone to confirm the fact, but when he revealed his identity, he hung up with the word “sorry”.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s military service was ended in October last year.


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