Hwasa announces her first mini-album “Maria”… ZICO·DPR LIVE·Ria Kim participated

[Maeil Business Star Today Jin Hyang-hee]

Mamamoo’s Hwasa has released a new teaser image for her upcoming mini ‘Maria’.

Hwasa shared the teaser image for her first mini-album ‘Maria’ at midnight today (28th) through an official SNS, and raised expectations for a solo comeback.

In the public picture, Hwasa radiated fatal charms with her graceful and elegant visual.

Here, the red hair style that burns like a fire has attracted attention by giving Hwasa’s unique strong and gorgeous charm.

In particular, Hwasa payed homage to a famous scene at the movie ‘Malena’, and added questions about what to show with the new song ‘Maria’.

Starting with intro videos, Hwasa releases various contents such as teaser images & videos, preview interview, tracklists and highlights medley. Through them fans can predict the new look of Hwasa and their expectations are at their highest.

As it is the first mini album to be released in the first six years since her debut, RBW producer Park Woo-sang, ZICO, rapper DPR LIVE, lyricist Kim Ina, choreographer Ria Kim, and VM Project, and many more artists participated to make a well-made album.

Meanwhile, Hwasa’s first mini-album ‘Maria’ will be unveiled on the 29th at 6pm through various sound source sites.


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