Park Hye-soo is considering to be act on “MBC’s new drama ‘Red Sleeves'” (Official)

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Actor Park Hye-soo is positively considering the appearance of ‘Red Sleeves’.

An official from Park Hye-soo’s agency, White Brothers Korea, said on the 29th that it was suggested to appear on the daily drama during the phone call with Star Today, “Park Hye-soo’s appearance in the new drama ‘Red Sleeves’ is on discussion.”

‘Red Sleeves’ is a drama that tells the story of the life of Ui-bin-Sung, Deok-im and King Jeongjo, and is based on the novel written by Kang Mi-gang. The drama is written by Jung Hae-ri, the author of MBC’s ‘Monarch-Master of Masks’, and will be directed by Jung Ji-in, a PD who produced ‘Radiant Office’,’Hold your hand and watch the sunset’.

The role that Park Hye-soo was suggested is Ui-bin Sung, Deok-im. When the appearance is confirmed, Park Hye-soo will make a comeback to the drama 4 years after her appearance on the SBS drama ‘Saimdang Light’s Diary’ broadcast in 2017.

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