Sunmi “Hwasa·Chungha and simultaneously comeback? I focus on music rather than competition”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

Singer Sunmi revealed her impression of a comeback with female solo artists such as Hwasa and Cheongha.

On the 29th, at 2 pm, Sunmi opened a showcase to commemorate the release of the new single ‘Porappippam’ through the YouTube channel and unveiled the new song stage.

On this day, Sunmi gained a new word of ‘SUNMI POP’ by catching the public’s mind with its unprecedented stage performance, grip, and clear concept. “I thought that I had to work hard with the pressure.” said Sunmi.

After that, she came back at the same time as female solo artists such as Hwasa and Cheongha. “I don’t like competition. I focus on the public’s reaction to my music, rather than competition itself. Not everyone has a uniform concept, but each artist has uniqueness. I think it’s great that female solo artists are playing an active part.” she added.

On the other hand, ‘Porappippam’ is a song in which Sunmi participated in writing and composing, and is a song about love that stimulates alluring imagination. It is hot and vague, and it sensibly portrays every aspect of love that can break down after passing on one side. Released on the afternoon at 6 pm.

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