Tomorrow X Together unveils the choreography video of the song ‘Fairy of Shampoo’

[Maeil Business Star Today Jin Hyang-hee]

The group Tomorrow X Together radiates new charm by releasing the choreography video for ‘Fairy of Shampoo’.

TXT (Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, Huening Kai) announced a new content with group photos through the official SNS on June 27. Since then, the boy group released the choreography video for ‘Fairy of Shampoo’ from the second mini album ‘Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’ released in last May.

The five members in the video showed different charms from the music broadcasting stage with styling that showed their individuality such as jacket and cardigan.

In particular, a unique performance using a stand microphone and a point choreographer that hides something in clothes or rubs the shoulders and arms with your fingertips catch the eye. ‘Fairy of Shampoo’ stands out against the emotional and gentle boyishness in contrast to the title song “Can’t You See Me?” with an intense atmosphere and the subsequent song ‘Puma’.

“Fairy of Shampoo” is TXT’s first remake the song of the hit song made by Light and Salt in the 1990s and reinterpreted as the Dream Pop genre.

The fairy tale lyrics that can be seen in a shampoo commercial on TV and the warm and refreshing voices of the members harmonize to create a mysterious and dreamy feeling. Member Yeonjun also helped produced and wrote the rap for the song to add the color of TXT.

Tomorrow X Together recently wrapped up by setting a record high with the album ‘Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’. Through this album, the group ranked first in the iTunes “Top Album” charts in 50 countries and regions around the world and achieved a record of entering all songs on the US Billboard’s ‘World Digital Song Sales’.

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