ZICO unveils concept photo for new song ‘Summer Hate’

[Maeil Business Star Today Jin Hyang-hee]

ZICO has successfully delivered a concept photo for the mini album ‘RANDOM BOX’

ZICO showed off the final concept photo for his upcoming mini-album ‘RANDOM BOX’ through the official SNS, and heated up the solo comeback.

ZICO in the released photo appears to be in trouble while delivering Random Boxes.

As it captured ZICO’s embarrassing appearance to grab the falling RANDOM BOXs, the real look of ZICO, who was dumbfounded, catches the eye.

In addition, ZICO’s clothes are full of paint, which makes viewers expect a rough day he can get through of.

In particular, at the top of the image, the album title “RANDOM BOX” flowed as if it melted down from the heat, sparking curiosity about the new album.

ZICO released all the concept photos for the new mini-album “RANDOM BOX” with cute and pleasant charms, and raised expectations for his new song “Summer Hate”.

ZICO is ready to drop his new mini album ‘Random Box’ on July 1st.

After a six-month comeback since “Any Song,” released in January, this upcoming album is expected to be full of ZICO’s unique wit.

In addition, it is expected that singer Rain will participate in the feature for ‘Summer Hate’ and show the special energy to blow the heat with ZICO.

ZICO’s new mini album ‘RANDOM BOX’ will be released on July 1st at 6pm through various music websites.


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