Girlfriend’s Umji, sharp jawline + doll beauty radiate…’Everyday, she become more pretty’

[Daily Economy Star Today Noulhee Intern Reporter]

Girl group girlfriend member Umji showed off her doll beauty.

On the 30th, Umji unveiled several photos along with “Broken room” on her Instagram.

In the public picture, Umji shows a light smile and taking a selfie. Her sharp jawline and sharp neckline highlight her beauty. Also, her hairstyle with the bridge is eye-catching.

The netizens who saw the photo responded with admiration for her beauty, such as “Umji, I missed you so much”, “You’re so pretty”, and “You are always beautiful.”

Meanwhile, the group girlfriend will come back with a new mini album ‘Song of the Sirens’ on July 13th.

Photo| Thumb SNS

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